Support Answers

What is

Is a direct M2M donations platform where members voluntarily give and receive donations, it brings forth a new way of raising funds for various needs.

How does community work?

When you join community you join a community of like-minded members who are interested in donating to each other. You get the opportunity to willingly donate to the members who invited you to become a member and you in turn can get willing donations from people you invite to become members, that can amount to 6.9M.

How do i participate?

There are 2 ways to get involved: first way, If you have been invited to join, click on that member's referral link and you will be instructed to fill a registration form. In case you were not invited by family/friends, then you can join by simply go to and click on either the "Join Now" or "Create Account" button. And use Admin as your referral, You will then be referred directly to the next available and qualified member.

How do i fund my wallet?

Click E- Wallet Funding on your back office,enter the Amount then chose payment option and click proceed.

How do i activate my account?

Click activate my account, the system will deduct the registration fee #2,500 from your wallet and pay it to your upline and your account statue will change to ACTIVE.

Is available worldwide?

Yes, it is available can participate in any part of the world by using Bitcoin for your registration

How much do I need to donate to get started?

You only need $5 [N2,500] or 0.00088755

Are there any refunds?

Since donations are being given freely and willingly (nothing is being purchased), there are no refunds. However, since all subscription payments are member-to-member, and it is up to members to reach an agreement amongst themselves if they allow refunds or not. We has no control over the donations transferred between members.

What donation/payment processors are used?

We use Credit card, Bank deposit / online transfer, Bitcoin to fund your Wallet to make it easy for members to donate to each other and to allow the system to automatically upgrade each member

Can I have more than one account?

Yes you can, but with different  User Name, the rest can be the same.

Is like a pyramid scheme?or Ponzi scheme ?

A pyramid scheme means that only the top members of the hierarchy get paid and in Ponzi very view, whereas allows every member to receive the same amount by doing the same amount of work. You can receive more donations than the person who signed you up.

What else can I benefit from the community

Bonus in is enormous, you can buy Airtime (Mtn,9mobile,Glo and Airtel) at a discount rate [2%], including cheap Data bundle also you can pay bills of  cable Tv [dstv,startimes,gotv ].Send bulk SMS at a very avoidable rate, buy E-BOOKS of any categories, likewise you can Advertise your website, products in the community, that will lead to high patronage.