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Welcome to

A dynamic cooperative membership based Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), aimed at improving the financial status of its members, it born out of passion to help it members to achieve their financial goal and live a fulfilled life through our program. The benefits is enormous that has the capacity to put smile on the face of it members using our Marketing, Financial and IT experts, combining businesses and networking, created a Marketing plan that gives everyone the opportunity to generate life changing income. A group of like-minded people come together as a community, help each other by give a freewill donation of N2,500 to one another to achieve their FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Would it not be amazing if just by donating little, others are helped as a direct consequence? The truth is, our lives touch other lives and everything we do affects someone else. Someone benefits from your actions, by just donate N2,500 to your upline. You can have anything you want in life, if you help other people get what they want. Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others, by just donating N2,500 which can earn you above N6,965,000 within short period of time. is a concept of wealth sharing. If you give help to someone in the community, the community in return will reward you, it is a mutual agreement between the giver and the receiver.

How It Works

The compensation plan is a forced 2x5 matrix marketing system, where every member is required to refer 2 members each, every additional sign ups (referrals) will cause spill over making the matrix to fill faster, it is a follow me matrix with spillover and spill under effect. Each member has a downline and upline. The fee is being paid directly into their upline’s E-Wallet.
Note: Upgrading system is automatic, is the system that will pays you and also deduct upgrade fee from your wallet when necessary.

Intro To Financial Chain New

Financial Chain has been added to community investment, more earning opportunity for you.

Community Chain is purely automated money spinning machine that allows you to earn endless through its well crafted algorithm. It operates as single link no-referral process, which means, new members takes the next available space and this makes the matrix fill faster and you earn continuously. At the completion of each 2X2 cycle, the system will automatically queue your account for another cycle.


CRYPTOCURRENCY MARKET on community is a market place where seller and buyer meets and trade various types of coins.[Bitcoin, Etherum,Ripple,Litecoin,TBC and others].


Investment is the ENGINE of WEALTH, invest today to secure tomorrow.
Invest in stocks likes -[PZ,UBA,DANGCEMENT,GTB FIRSTBANK] E.T.C.

Level One

Pay your referrer Level 1 Registration fee N2500 Get 2 x N2,500 = N5,000 profit (move to 2)

Level Two

Pay your upline Level 2 N4,000 Get 4 x N4,000 = N16,000 profit (move to 3)

Level Three

Pay your upline Level 3 N8,000 Get 8 x N8,000 = N64,000 profit (move to 4)

Level Four

Pay your upline Level 4 N30,000 Get 16 x N30,000 = N480,000 profit. (move to 5)

Level Five

Pay your upline Level 5 N200,000 Get 32 x N200,000 = 6.4M. No More upgrades = N5,000+N16,000+ N64,000+ N480,000+ N64000,000=#6,965,000 total profit


Level Member Donated All Gain
Dollar($) Naira (N) Bitcoin(B) Dollar ($) Naira(N) Bitcoin(B)
1 2 $5 N2,500 $10 N5,000
2 4 $8 N4,000 $32 N16,000
3 8 $16 N8,000 $128 N64,000
4 16 $60 N30,000 $960 N480,000
5 32 $400 N200,000 $12,800 N6.4M
TOTAL = 62 $489 N244,500 0.08680239 $13,930 N6,965,000 2.47271429